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Post by mod maher on Thu May 14, 2015 7:24 pm

Hi this is king of ghost known as mod maher and i've got a few ideas to make this server even greater

1.On this forum i think the chat box should save

2.I think that you's should add more topics /suggestions on this forum because having 2 is not good enough for example i think there should be the following - for support.
account recovery
item recovery
report a user
forum moderation appeals
ban appeals
other's should have this on forum also for - GhostScape

news & announcements
FAQ and rules
general discussion
bug reports
suggestions and ideas

4.Also for forums this one should be for the following - community

introductions and farewells
goals and achievements
clans and events
its your own way if you want to make this server improve and also its your own way you want to put them in and i think there should be a few more adjustments.

5.There should also be Staff approval for example if people want to become staff they make a post and if owner like's or something he become's we'll thats all i've got to say im trying to help out the server and there should also be more then one voting site.

hope you's enjoy with these ideas !! -kingofghost Very Happy

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